May Activities

 See  COVID 19 Pandemic Information at End of Events

MAY 28, SATURDAY, Picnic at 7:30 p.m.  Concert begins at 8:00 p.m.

FREE Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO) Concert                                 

  Where: Railroad Park situated along 1st Avenue South, between 14th and 18th Streets South in downtown Birmingham                                                    

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Details: Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, the ASO is excited to play a free series of concerts in Birmingham's Railroad Park! Enjoy music under the stars with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.  The musical compositions to be played on this Saturday evening program will be announced at a later date.                           

 Please join us for this special concert which promises to yield a great evening of fun.  Relax on the lawn with your blanket or lawn chair.  If you’d like to eat with us, please bring your picnic (no glass or alcohol allowed) to enjoy at 7:30 p.m.         Concert itself begins at 8:00 p.m.                                                  

 To find the group, please look for the Southeastern Outings people near the walkway on the railroad side (far side of park away from 1st Avenue South) of the park.  You are welcome to bring as many friends and family members as you wish.    

Admission: FREE                                                                           

 More Info: Please call the ASO office, 205/251-6929 or Dan Frederick, 205/631-4680.


Revised Southeastern Outings Covid 19 Pandemic Information

Most of you are already familiar with the stay-at-home
orders issued by the Governor of Alabama.

 The Governor stated, “A person may leave his or her place of residence to participate in outdoor activity so long as the person maintains a consistent six-foot distance from other persons.

 Notice of Southeastern Outings Precautionary Measures Concerning Covid 19 Virus

 Southeastern Outings assures all our outings participants that we strongly desire to protect your health during this critical time.  You may make your own decisions about what to do to protect yourselves, but the following measures are what we strongly suggest.  We recommend taking the following measures.

 We ask our participants to maintain a reasonable social distance, usually 6 or more feet, between yourself and other people.  We recognize that this may not always be possible, but we encourage you to keep some distance from others as much as possible.

 We will have outing announcements, but we ask you to try insofar as possible to maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and others while the announcements are given.  Dan will try to project his voice effectively in such instances, and please, please do not converse with others while announcements are being made.

 Optional potluck dinner parties will be cancelled until further notice.

 In any case, of course, if you have flu-like symptoms (fever, aches or pains in the joints and respiratory system problems) please stay at home and do not come on outings with us!  This is just common sense. 

 We want to point out that walking in the woods outdoors where there are not many other people present is considerably safer at this time than being in crowds of people or in heavily populated public places.  Participating in our events will give you opportunities to be in the outdoors, get some beneficial exercise, and do something you enjoy with other people while still allowing you to  easily and conveniently maintain safe social distancing.