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High Falls, Dekalb County, Alabama

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February and March Activities

FEBRUARY 24, SATURDAY, 10:00 a.m.
River Ramble Barton’s Beach and Perry Lakes Park near Marion in Perry County, Alabama
Details: Barton’s Beach.  The area is an extensive sand and gravel beach on the Lower Cahaba River in Perry County near Marion, Alabama.  The river floodplain broadens and creates areas of bottomland hardwood forests, oxbow lakes and extensive sand and gravel bars there.

The Perry Lakes Park and Wildlife Sanctuary contains about 600 acres available to the public for outdoor recreation, education, scientific research, and other activities. Interpretive nature trails (fire lanes and primitive paths) make walking through the woods fairly easy and fun.

Several trees in the park have been designated as Alabama State Champion Trees. The park lakes support a large heron rookery along with an abundance of songbirds.  A 100-foot tall canopy birding tower allows for an exciting view of the forest and oxbow swamps.

Hikes at Barton’s Beach and Perry Lakes Park are easy since the terrain is level and the walks are all on trails.  The two properties adjoin each other so we can walk readily back and forth between them.

Well-behaved, properly supervised children age 7 and older welcome.

The very special, optional dinner will begin at 5:00 p.m.  It will be the Low Country Boil supper, an annual event in Marion that is perfect following our day of hiking.  The dinner will be held at the historic Marion Female Seminary Building in Marion.   

The function will be very informal.  The menu is boiled shrimp (which you peel & eat), potatoes, corn, coleslaw, bread, and your choice of a multitude of homemade desserts.

Musical entertainment will be provided for your enjoyment at the upcoming shrimp boil February 24, 2018 after our hike.  Please plan to come!

Price for the meal is $20 flat charge to benefit the Perry County Historical and Preservation Society.  Only cash and checks are accepted forms of payment for the dinner.  NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED!

For more information concerning the dinner, please call Kay Beckett, president of the historical society, at 334-683-8250 or 334-292-0319.

Depart 10:00 a.m. from McDonald’s Galleria

Info. on the hike: Dan Frederick, 205/631-4680 or seoutings@bellsouth.net

MARCH 3, SATURDAY, 10:00 a.m.
Dayhike on a SATURDAY
Where: Oak Mountain State Park
Details: Enjoy a moderate dayhike around the largest lake in Oak Mountain State Park.  This lake is variously called Beaver Lake, Oak Mountain Lake, and the Lower Fishing Lake.  Most of this hike will be off the color-coded trails.  There will be some ups and downs.  Share an adventure!  Bring a friend.  Well-behaved, properly supervised children age 8 and up welcome. 

Please arrive at the North Trailhead parking lot at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday morning.  Hike will depart at 10:00 a.m. from the North Trailhead parking area.  Please bring $5/person ($2 seniors) park admission fee plus your picnic lunch and drink.

To get to the North Trailhead, take I-65 South from Birmingham to AL Highway 119/Cahaba Valley Road exit. Right off exit ramp, then left at first traffic light. Follow road 2 miles, then left at stop sign. Go 6 miles after you pay at the gatehouse on John Findley III Boulevard, the main park road.  Drive to the North Trailhead parking lot which will be on your left with two small buildings at the back.  One is a portable toilet.  The other is a changing room.  Park in the North Trailhead parking lot and meet your leader there.

Please bring $5/person ($2 seniors) park admission fee plus your picnic lunch and drink.                                                                   
Info: David Shepherd, 205/240-4681

MARCH 10, SATURDAY, 9:00 a.m.
Dayhike, Smith Mountain Fire Tower Area near Lake Martin
Details: The Smith Mountain Alpine Trail at Lake Martin is some twenty miles north of the Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail. The highest elevation around Lake Martin, Smith Mountain is a jagged peak mountain in the Sandy Creek area of the lake. The top of Smith Mountain is rugged. Jagged rock formations dissect the mountain top into a series of rough terraces that are for the most part disconnected. A house-sized crag consisting of numerous boulders stands out from and above the rest of the peak.

Standing majestically atop Smith Mountain is the historic 90-foot fire lookout tower. Erected in 1939 as a cooperative agreement between Alabama Power Company, Tallapoosa County Forest Conservation Association, and the Alabama Forestry Commission, the tower was a sentinel for locating forest fires for 40 years.

In November 2010, Smith Mountain was deeded to the Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association (CRATA). Over a recent period of 18 months the tower has been restored and upgraded with new safety features and is now open to the public. Visiting time is daylight until 30 minutes after sunset, daily.

A trail begins at the base of Smith Mountain and ascends the northern and western slope for about 0.4 mile. The trail descends the southern and eastern slope of the mountain for about 0.6 mile back to the parking lot. The view from the tower is spectacular.  In addition to the Smith Mountain Fire Lookout Tower, there are 5 miles of hiking trails.  The two main trails are the Lake Shore Trail and the Little Smith Mountain Trail. The Island Hop Trail is accessible only during winter months when the lake is down. The Lake Shore Trail is a two-mile trail that descends the western slope to the lake shore and follows the shoreline for most of the two miles.  There is also the dramatic two-mile Little Smith Mountain Trail which has four resting benches with some spectacular views - one bench on a peninsula, two on the south face, and one on the top.

Your hike leader has selected a scenic 3-6-mile moderate hiking route for you to enjoy from this wide choice of trails.

Well-behaved, properly supervised children age 8 and over welcome. 

Optional dinner in Alexander City after the hike.        

Depart 10:00 a.m. from the Publix in The Village at Lee Branch in Greystone.

Info: Doris Hatch, 205/901-8367

MARCH 11, SUNDAY, 1:00 p.m.
Second Sunday Dayhike in Oak Mountain State Park
Details: Enjoy a moderate 4 mile walk in the woodlands near Birmingham on a Sunday afternoon.  This is an excellent outing for introducing your friends to Southeastern Outings and for making new friends who enjoy the outdoors.  Parts of this hike may be off the color-coded trails.  There will be some ups and downs.   Please come on this trip with us.

Well-behaved, properly supervised children age eight and up able to walk the distance of about 4 miles and complete the hike are welcome.  Share an adventure!  Bring a friend.  Optional dinner after the hike. 

Depart 1:00 p.m. from the Oak Mountain Park office parking lot.

Please bring $5/person ($2.00 seniors) park admission fee plus your drink.

Info: Edd Spencer, 205/991-1045

MARCH 17, SATURDAY, 10:00 a.m.
Where: Horseshoe Bend National Military Park
Details: On March 27, 1814, Major General Andrew Jackson‘s army of 3,300 men attacked Chief Menawa’s 1,000 Red Stick Creek warriors fortified in a horseshoe shaped bend of the Tallapoosa River.  Over 800 Red Sticks died that day.  The battle ended the Creek War, resulted in a land cession of 23,000,000 acres to the United States and created a national hero of Andrew Jackson.
In March 1814, General Jackson's army left Fort Williams on the Coosa River, cut a 52-mile trail through the forest in three days, and on the 26th made camp six miles north of Horseshoe Bend. The next morning, Jackson sent General John Coffee and 700 mounted infantry and 600 Cherokee and Creek allies three miles down-stream to cross the Tallapoosa and surround the bend. He took the rest of the army - about 2000 men, consisting of East and West Tennessee militia and the Thirty-ninth U.S. Infantry - into the peninsula and at 10:30 a.m. began an ineffectual two-hour artillery bombardment of the Red Sticks' log barricade. At noon, Coffee's Cherokee allies crossed the river and assaulted the Red Sticks from the rear. Jackson quickly ordered a frontal bayonet charge, which poured over the barricade. Fighting ranged over the south end of the peninsula throughout the afternoon. By dark at least 800 of Chief Menawa's 1,000 Red Sticks were dead (557 slain on the field and 200-300 in the river). Menawa himself, although severely wounded, managed to escape. Jackson's losses in the battle were 49 killed and 154 wounded, many mortally.
Though the Red Sticks had been crushed at Tohopeka, remnants of the war party held out for several months. In August 1814, a treaty between the United States and the Creek Nation was signed at Fort Jackson near the present day city of Wetumpka, Alabama. The Treaty of Fort Jackson ended the conflict and required the Creeks to cede 23 million acres of land to the United States. The state of Alabama was carved out of this domain and admitted to the Union in 1819.
In 1828, partly as a result of his fame from the battles of Horseshoe Bend and New Orleans, Andrew Jackson was elected the seventh President of the United States.
We will have the opportunity to watch a short film and view the exhibits before we begin our hike which is rated easy.  Hike distance is 5.8 miles.
Admission to the park is free.
Depart 10:00 a.m. from the parking lot of the Publix Super Market in The Village at Lee Branch in Greystone.
Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age eight and over welcome.
Info: Randall Adkins, 205/317-6969

MARCH 18, SUNDAY, 1:00 p.m.
Where: Hurricane Creek Park near Cullman, AL
Details: You are invited to participate on a most enjoyable, relatively easy walk in a highly scenic, small canyon and park about an hour from Birmingham.  Enjoy rushing streams and waterfalls if it rains, several interesting bridges over the creek and possibly some beautiful wildflowers. 

Well-behaved, properly supervised children age 7 and over able to walk four miles up and down hills without complaining are welcome.  Please bring a picnic lunch, plenty to drink and a daypack.  Depart 1:00 p.m. from the Hayden/Corner Park and Ride.  Please join us on an easy adventure March 18.

Charge: $3 per adult, $2.50/child age 17 and under park admission.  The charge for everyone drops to $2 if we have a group of ten or more, so please bring your friends and family!

Information: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or telephone 631-4680.

MARCH 25, SUNDAY, 2:00 p.m.
Moderately easy four-mile dayhike on the Black Creek Trail in Fultondale, just north of Birmingham
Details: Walk on a rails-to-trails conversion route on an old railroad right of way.  This smooth trail is wide and level.  No hills!  This finely-crushed rock surface trail goes through mostly wooded terrain.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail!  This outing should be lots of fun for everyone.  Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age seven and up able to walk four miles without complaining are welcome on this walk.

Depart 2:00 p.m. from Black Creek Park in Fultondale, Alabama.

Trip Leader: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or 205/631-4680

Waterfall Tour to large volume waterfalls of North Alabama around Arab, Albertville and Guntersville
Details: Join with fellow SEO members and friends on this special, easy trip to view some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Alabama!  We will carpool to destinations across central North Alabama to visit large volume waterfalls at their peak. This trip offers excellent photo opportunities.  Each of the eight or more waterfalls we’ll see is less than ¼ mile walk from the cars.

No more than forty people are permitted to sign up for this outing.  There will be no wait list for any registrants after forty participants have registered even if some of them cancel, which some probably will. 

Reservations Required: If you wish to participate in this outing, you are required to call Dan Frederick, 205/631-4680 or email seoutings@bellsouth.net by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 29.

When you contact Dan, please be sure you leave either your phone number or email address.  And if you make a reservation and then decide to cancel, please notify the leader immediately

Please observe the following policies:

1.    Anyone who wants to come on this outing MUST make a reservation with the leader by Thursday, March 29 at 5:00 p.m.

2.     You are welcome to invite friends or family, but you are required to request and receive approval from the leader to bring any guests with you BEFORE you tell those you invite that they definitely may come.  Please make this policy clear to those you invite when you invite them.  Please do NOT just show up with additional people not cleared in advance.  They will be sent home.

3.    Please note that if you or anyone you invite who is approved cancels, please do not substitute, try to substitute or think you can substitute a family member or friend in place of a previously registered participant who has cancelled.  When you register, you are not reserving a place for anyone but yourself or those people coming with you who are registered.  No substitutions will be permitted on this outing! 

4.     If you decide to cancel, if you do not inform me of your cancellation, and you are just a no-show, you will not be permitted to participate in any future Southeastern Outings events where the number of participants is limited.

5.    Please do not register yourself or any guests unless you are absolutely certain that they are free on March 31 and definitely want to come on the outing.  In the past we have had as many as 22 people cancel after they signed up for an outing where the number of participants was limited.  We don’t want “possibilities,” “undecideds,” or “might comes” to register for ANY Southeastern Outings event for which the number of participants is limited!

6. If you want to bring people other than yourself on this outing, please give Dan Frederick the NAMES of those other people.  Don’t just register for “my wife,” “my friend,” etc.

At a later date leader will advise meeting time and place to those who have signed up for this trip.  No one is to come on this trip without making a reservation in advance.  Children age 7 and up welcome.  Parents should be aware that there are very steep drop offs with no guard rails at most of these sites.

Info: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or 205/631-4680