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High Falls, Dekalb County, Alabama

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November and December Activities

NOVEMBER 18, SATURDAY, 9:00 a.m.
Dayhike on the Deadening Trail at Lake Martin near Alexander City, Alabama
Details: The Deadening Trail is among the most scenic and diverse hiking trails in Alabama.  The cliffs of the Tallapoosa, the Needles Eye, and Lichen and Jasmine Bluffs are just a few of the unusual and unique rock formations that await the hiker. The trails are routed through a variety of flora and fauna.  There are high rocky ridges with mountain long leaf pine, mountain laurel, low and high bush blueberry, and lush hardwood forests that include redbud, sourwood, dogwood, native azalea, umbrella and big leaf magnolia.  Large thickets of Catawba Rhododendron are numerous.  Deer, turkey and numerous bird species, including bald eagles, can be seen along the trail. 

The Deadening Trail is a moderately strenuous 3.6 mile loop trail at Lake Martin.  The trail is a more challenging footpath than other trails located along an area of the southeast shore of beautiful Lake Martin (a 40,000-acre, 700-mile-shoreline lake) in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.

In order to manage most effectively hiking on this difficult trail it is highly recommended that you wear hiking boots, not tennis shoes, and that you bring a trekking pole (hiking stick) or two.  Also be sure to bring plenty of water with you.

Optional dinner after. 

Depart 9:00 a.m. from the parking lot of the Publix in the Village at Lee Branch in Greystone.

Info: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or 205/631-4680

NOVEMBER 19, SUNDAY, 1:30 p.m.

Where: Cahaba Environmental Center at Living River, Shelby-Bibb County line near Boothton and Marvel
Details: Living River, a nonprofit affiliated with the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley, has developed a camp and environmental center on the Cahaba River. On November 19 Southeastern Outings people will hike on the trails on the property for the fifth time. Thirty-six people participated in one of our previous hikes to this area.

The hike will be led by a staff memberof the Cahaba Environmental Center at Living River, and one of her associates. The approximately 3-mile hike is rated moderate.

Living River, a tree-covered point nestled in a deep bend in the Cahaba River, preserves a mix of hardwoods and older trees that were once typical of Alabama’s river bottoms but elsewhere have been logged and replaced with faster-growing pines. The site is 440 acres in size, and because of its unique location, it fronts four miles of the river.

The Cahaba River itself, the longest free-flowing river in Alabama, preserves a remarkable and fragile biodiversity, including an incredible variety of freshwater mussels, turtles, snails, and crayfish, as well as more fish species per mile than any other river in North America. The globally significant biodiversity of the Cahaba has been widely recognized by conservation groups and scientists.

In this significant and beautiful place, the Presbyterian Church organization has built Living River, a retreat where young people will continue to discover the awakening power of an outdoor camping experience and where adults, families, and children can also step away from the demands of their everyday lives.

During this hike, we will explore the variety of ecosystems on the Living River property. We will start with a trip out on the ‘thumb,’ the deep horseshoe bend of the Cahaba River, and then head out to more impacted forest ecosystems, including reclaimed mining sites. We will have the opportunity to learn about the natural and cultural history of the area. Our outing will conclude on top of a giant mine spoil where Pennsylvania period plant fossils can be found at every step. 

 Please bring $2.00 per person EXACT CHANGE Living River fee to participate in this hike.

Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age 7 and older able to walk about 3 miles without complaining are welcome on this hike.

Depart at 1:30 p.m. from McDonald’s Galleria.

Info: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or 205/631-4680

NOVEMBER 26, SUNDAY, 2:00 p.m.
Dayhike in a Forest Preserve in Homewood

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Details: The City of Homewood owns two forest preserves on Shades Mountain adjacent to the Homewood High School.  Come and spend a relaxing two hours walking with us in the lower preserve.  Rated moderately easy.  Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age 6 and older welcome.  Meet 2:00 p.m. in the Homewood High School east (nearest Brookwood Village Shopping Center) parking lot, just off Lakeshore Drive in Homewood.

Info: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or phone 205/631-4680

Where: DeSoto State Park and Lost Falls
Details: Moderately easy hike in DeSoto State Park. We will hike along the beautiful West Fork of Little River.  We’ll also hike various other trails in the park and visit Lost Falls.  This is one of the most scenic state parks in Alabama.  Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age 9 and over able to walk about 5 miles without complaining welcome.

After the outing we’ll enjoy an optional restaurant dinner together. 

Depart 9:00 a.m. from the Applebee’s in Trussville.

Info: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or phone 205/631-4680

DECEMBER 10, SUNDAY, 1:00 p.m.
Oak Mountain State Park
Details: Enjoy a moderate 4 mile walk in the woodlands near Birmingham on a Sunday afternoon.  This is an excellent outing for introducing your friends to Southeastern Outings and for making new friends who enjoy the outdoors.  Parts of this hike may be off the color-coded trails.  There will be some ups and downs.  Well-behaved, properly supervised children age eight and up able to walk the distance of about 4 miles and complete the hike are welcome.

Share an adventure!  Bring a friend.  Depart 1:00 p.m. from the Oak Mountain Park office parking lot.

Please bring $5/person ($2.00 seniors) park admission fee plus your drink.

Info: Edd Spencer, 205/317-5868

DECEMBER 14, THURSDAY, 9:30 a.m.
Weekday Hike in Red Mountain Park (RMP)

Details: Would it excite you to hear that Birmingham has secured a recreational, public park space of 1,400 acres—an area twice as large as New York's Central Park?  Could you, your friends and family find a use for more than 18 miles of new hiking and biking trails, open fields and picnic areas, all within 15 minutes of downtown Birmingham?  In March, 2012 The Red Mountain Park Commission opened the eastern section of this park to the public, offering folks a chance to walk the property and get a feel for the location and scale of the land.

This will be Southeastern Outings’ eighteenth hike in the Park. Please come with us for a tour of a walkable portion of this noteworthy place.  Hike rated moderate. This is one of the largest city parks in the United States! For considerably more information about the park, please visit the park’s website:

Please bring plenty of water and wear good walking shoes or boots. Dress appropriately for the weather. Well-behaved, properly supervised children age 9 and up welcome.

Note-To view photos taken in Red Mountain Park, please click on these links:

Please be sure to click on the links and view the photographs.

Depart 9:30 a.m. from the large parking lot on the right side of Lyon Lane immediately after you turn right onto Lyon Lane off of the north end of Frankfurt Drive off Lakeshore Parkway.

Information: Scott Myers, 205/979-7836

DECEMBER 16, SATURDAY, 10:00 a.m.
Dayhike, Moss Rock Preserve
Details: Explore the wilder side of Hoover on a moderate 2 to 4 mile hike with some climbing up and walking down fairly steep hills on Shades Mountain.  We’ll experience the preserve’s diverse natural features which include longleaf pine forests, huge boulders, streams, grassy areas, outstanding views and, when it rains, some beautiful waterfalls.  A previous Southeastern Outings dayhike in the Moss Rock Preserve in January, 2015 had the highest number of participants of any SEO event since our founding 15 years ago!  Don’t miss this one!

Please bring your picnic lunch and water to drink.  Well-behaved, properly supervised children age seven and up able to walk the distance and complete the hike without complaining are welcome.

The group will depart promptly at 10:00 a.m. from the Moss Rock Preserve parking lot on Sulphur Springs Road in Hoover.

Info on the hike:  David Shepherd, email davidshep2@yahoo.com or 205/240-4681