High Falls Caption

High Falls, Dekalb County, Alabama

October Activities

OCTOBER 19, SATURDAY, Meet 9:45 a.m.
Picnic Lunch and Easy Dayhike
Where: Paul Grist State Park near Selma, Alabama

Details: Paul Grist State Park is one of the state’s most uncrowded, yet scenic state parks containing hills, forests, fields and a large, beautiful, tree-lined lake. 

Prior to the dayhike we will get together at the smaller pavilion right near the Park Office to eat our picnic lunches.  Please bring your picnic lunch and also $3 per person ($2 for children age 2-6 and seniors age 62 and older) park admission and a beverage for yourself. 

Dayhike Details: Hike rated easy as there are only a few ups and downs.  Total hiking distance is approximately 5.5 miles.  We plan to walk all the way around the lake and then also walk on some additional trails in the park to make the drive time down and back worthwhile.  Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age nine and over able to walk 3 miles without complaining are welcome.  Please bring your drink and wear sturdy footwear. 

Optional group restaurant dinner after the hike.  Reservations not required for this outing.

Please meet 9:45 a.m. at the McDonald’s Galleria. We plan to depart from there at 10:00 a.m.

Info: Randall Adkins, 205/317-6969

OCTOBER 24, THURSDAY, 9:30 a.m.
Easy Weekday Walk
Where: Vulcan Trail inside the City Limits of Birmingham

Details: Enjoy an easy walk in the woodlands overlooking Birmingham on a Thursday morning.  The trail is level, as it is on an old mining railroad right of way just below the crest of Red Mountain.  A previous walk on this trail drew one of the highest numbers of participants, 67, on any outing SEO has ever sponsored.  Don’t miss it!

Please meet at 9:30 a.m. in the Vulcan Park and Museum Parking Lot where you would normally park to visit the Vulcan Statue and Vulcan Park.  We plan to depart from there at 10:00 a.m.  Please follow the directions to the meeting place.  Please note that three people got lost trying to find the group on our last hike on the Vulcan Trail because they tried to use their GPS to find the start point.  Their devices misled them to The Club and to the TV stations on top of Red Mountain, not to the Vulcan Park parking lot! 

We will walk from the big parking lot a short distance down some new stairs to the trail head and then on the trail to Green Springs Highway and back.  The formerly unpaved section of the Vulcan Trail has recently been widened and resurfaced. 

After the walk is completed, there will be an optional lunch at Jim 'N Nick's 11th Avenue Grill at Five Points South.  Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age 7 and older able to walk 4 miles without complaining are welcome.

Share an adventure.  Bring a friend or friends.

Info: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net or 205/631-4680

To obtain driving directions to Vulcan Park and Museum Parking Lot.--Vulcan Park and Museum Parking Lot—1701 Valley View Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209.          Please call 205/631-4680 to obtain a list of complete directions to Vulcan Park from all major highways in Birmingham.  You may leave your email address and a phone message if you wish, and the directions will be emailed to you promptly.

Dayhike, Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest

Details: Moderately strenuous 4-mile hike in a highly scenic location, Upper Quillan Creek Forest Area.  Most of the hike is off trail, there are lots of ups and downs, and several rock-hopping crossings are required across small creeks.   

We’ll walk along two creeks and on an old road.  At a beautiful waterfall we’ll visit the site of an old mill.  On this hike we’ll see several small waterfalls on side creeks and tributaries to Quillan Creek.  We will visit at least three very pretty waterfalls on Quillan Creek itself along the way. 

Please bring picnic lunch and water for the day.  We expect to finish about 4:00 p.m.  Optional dinner after.  Well-behaved, properly supervised children age 9 and over able to walk 4 miles off trail without complaining welcome.

Reservations Required: If you wish to participate in this outing, you are required to call Dan Frederick, 205/631-4680 or email your reservation to seoutings@bellsouth.net by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 24.  When you contact Dan, please be sure you leave either your phone number or email address.  This outing is limited to 20 people, and we will break up into two separate groups of up to ten people each with its own separate leader in order to comply with U.S. Forest Service regulations.  We hope the limitation will not prove to be a problem.  At a later date leader will advise meeting time and place only to those who have signed up for this trip. 

If you make a reservation with Dan to come on this trip and then for any reason decide later to not come on this outing, please telephone Dan, 205/631-4680 right away.  If we have 20 people signed up on the day of the hike and, say, we have two people on the waiting list and then two people who signed up don’t show up for the hike, those two no-show people have in effect deprived the two on the waiting list from participating.  Please don’t be a no-show.  If you aren’t coming after making a reservation, please notify Dan.

Info: Dan Frederick, seoutings@bellsouth.net, or 205/631-4680